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All songs written and performed by Ryan Raichilson, except:
-Drums on "Witch In My Basement," "Enter Hatman" and "Appendicitis" by Greg Tomao.
-Lead guitar on "She Ate My Brain,"" Luggage," "Say You'll Stay" and "Losing Touch" by Scott Raichilson.
-Viola on "Lucy" by Natalie Raichilson.

All songs produced, recorded and mixed by Ryan Raichilson at the Box of Doom studio, except:
-drums recorded at Tomato Farm Studio ( and produced by Greg Tomao.
-lead vocals produced by James Armstrong.

Album cover and photography by Ryan Raichilson.

All songs (c) 2017 BASEMENT SONGZ (ASCAP)



released March 15, 2017



all rights reserved


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Track Name: She Ate My Brain
That day she ate my brain
I didn’t see it comin'.
That day she ate my brain
I guess she felt like slummin'.
That day she ate my brain…that girl she ate my brain.

That day she ate my brain
It kinda hurt my feelins.
That day she ate my brain
She found me so appealin.
That day she ate my brain…that girl she ate my brain.

So now I’m standing here, so stupid for you.
'Cause I got nothing up there, there ain’t nothing I can do.
She ate 'til she was full.
Yeah, she scooped out my skull til there was nothing left inside.

That day she ate my brain
It was a bloody nightmare.
That day she ate my brain
She didn’t use silverware.
That day she ate my brain…that girl she ate my brain.
Track Name: Luggage
You set me up to take the fall,
And you don’t even care at all.
You played it off all innocent,
But I know you know.

Now I’m leavin today with my heart packed away
In this suitcase that’s under my seat.
Maybe I’ll see you around if I’m ever back in town,
But I won’t bring this luggage with me.

You fooled me once, you fooled me twice.
How is it my friends saw through your lies?
They drew up graphs, they typed reports to display the signs,
But I was blind.
Track Name: Say You'll Stay
Say you’ll stay,
I’ll do anything.
I’ll do what you want, and I won’t complain.
I’ll give up horror movies, even though I like when you scream.

Say you’ll stay,
Please don’t go away.
I’ll pick you up, and I won’t be late.
I’ll drive you around for hours, make the bed, and bring you flowers.

You know that it’s true.
So say that you’ll stay.
If you want to go, don’t let me know.
Just say that you’ll stay.

Say you’ll stay,
That’d be really great.
I’ll turn the music down if that’s what it takes.
I know you don’t like Rancid, and you know that makes my head spin.

Say you’ll stay,
That would make my day.
You can beat me up, til I’m black and grey.
You can torture me like Hostel if that makes leaving me impossible.
Track Name: Witch In My Basement
Laundry means I’m going down
To the basement where I know she can be found.
In the darkness there she dwells.
Pointy fingers, razor teeth, decaying smell.

There’s a witch in my basement, waiting there.
There’s a witch in my basement, after me I swear…
And I don’t wanna go with her.

All my friends they think I’m nuts.
They haven’t seen her in the shadows creeping up.
Every time I turn my back,
I feel her rotten breath crawl up and down my neck.

Don't go down.
Track Name: Enter Hatman
I’m hearing rumblings in the closet.
I couldn’t be further from asleep.
I see red eyes, they’re glowing.
And I see teeth that want to eat.

Wake up, please wake up, he’s coming.
Wake up, the Hatman is here.
Wake up, please wake up, he’s coming.
Wake up, I’ve gotta disappear.
Hey feet, don’t fail me now.

I’m not saying there’s a monster in my closet.
I’m saying there’s a demon on the prowl.
I could really use the Warrens.
And I could really use them now.
Track Name: A Little Time
You’ve had it easy.
You’ve never been tested.
When it all comes crashing,
Where will you fall?
And when you fall, how will you rebuild?

Put in a little time to work on yourself, don’t hide.
Learn how to take a chance,
Don’t run from it, take a stance.

You’ve added nothing.
You’ve only been taking.
When it all comes crashing,
Where will you fall?
And when you fall, how will you rebuild?

So set your sights and shoot the moon.

Put in a little time to work on yourself – don’t hide.
Learn how to take a chance,
Don’t run from it, take a stance.
Don’t run from it, use this chance.
Don’t give up, not just yet.
Track Name: Hawaii 2014
You know what I wanna do, is take some time away.
You and me and nobody, we’ll pass out on the beach.
Away we go.

You know where I wanna go, back to that special place.
Waterfalls, in roofless cars we’ll cruise around the state.
Away we go.

Remember that weather?
Just me and you.
No cell phones,
No skyline to lose.

You know I can’t stand it here, these people are the same.
Phone-addicted brainless drones, hobbling down the street.
Away we go.

Hawaii 2014,
Do you know what I mean?
Let’s ditch it all and get back to the island.
Track Name: Lucy
It’s no lie you were one of a kind.
And it’s no lie you were out of your mind.
Doing splits and drinking that wine.
It’s no lie you were out of your mind.

For six long years we were chained to those desks.
We had some times, Luce, they were the best.
Like that show downtown I played at that bar.
I sang my songs and you picked up that guitar.

You’re gone, it’s wrong.
I’m feeling empty.
I bet you said, “I found my way back into love.”

Now I can’t bear to answer the phone.
I can’t bring myself to look at this screen.
And I’m sorry that we sort of lost touch.
You know how time just seems to take everything.

You found your way back into love.
Track Name: False Starts
You say you’re sorry but I know you’re not.
Well we’ve been here before, no need for these false starts.

So what are you doing here?
I think it’s time to go.

You say you’re coming home but I know you’re not.
Well we’ve been here before, no need for these false starts.
Track Name: Appendicitis
Layin in my hospital bed.
I never shoulda disturbed the dead.
They focused all their energy,
And took my appendix from me.

I wanna get out of here.
Salem really is haunted, my dear.
Although we’ve had our fun,
If I could walk, I’d run.
Track Name: For Joanna
When I held you that first time
You looked up straight into my eyes.
I said, “Hello, Joanna Rose.”
You started screaming.
And just kept screaming.

I studied with you in my arms.
You wouldn’t sleep, you fought it hard.
In your office on your big account.
You started spinning.
And just kept spinning.

Let’s wake up all our friends,
Because I know with you the fun will never end.
I don’t want to miss a single thing you do.
You know I’m always here for you.
I’m constantly amazed
When I look at you and see your smiling face.
I only wanna do the things you want to do.
You know I’ll always learn from you.

Flash forward, time moves way too fast.
You’re walking, laughing, talking back.
Can we pause today for a little while?
Let’s go swimming.
And just keep swimming.
Track Name: Thoughts & Prayers
Every day, a tragedy.
And for what? They’re fucked belief
That weaponry, that no one needs,
Has a place out on the street.

We can’t afford to live like this no more.
How many more of these shootings must occur?
Will we see a day where government makes change?
Not while they’re getting paid to hide behind 2A.
Track Name: Things Are Gonna Change
So sing me off to sleep,
And kill me in my dreams.
I know you’d like to see me dead inside.

Tease me with a smile,
Just to throw me in denial.
I should have listened when I heard them say,
You’re the worst thing to ever come my way.

I swore I’d never change,
But then I called you up that day.
And ever since I don’t know where I’ve been.

You say that we’re in love,
And you’ll never let me down.
I can’t stand to hear my mother cry.
And I don’t think I’ll make it out alive.

You’ll always be
Poison to my heart and a mystery to my brain.
But now I’m moving on,
So things are gonna change.
Track Name: Losing Touch
Well I’m sorry to tell you, but I’m giving up.
And it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad.
You’ll be saddened to know that I’m growing up.
And I’m not that man that I planned.

But when you said we’ll fight, we’ll fight til we die.
I believed in it then, made it my battle cry.
When you’re only 16, and you’re part of a scene,
The world can’t bring you down.
You’ve got your young heart and dreams.
But I’m losing touch.

When I see you at shows I think back to the days
When I shouted along and thought life was a stage.
With a kid of my own, I will show her the way.
You inspired me then, and let her take the reigns.